Palliative Care for Advanced Alzheimer's and Dementia
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ISBN :9780826106759
출판사 :Springer Publishing
저자 :Gary Martin, Marwan Sabbagh
출판년도 :201007
페이지수 :350 p
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"This book provides important information on best practices and appropriate ways to care for a person with Alzheimer's and advanced dementia. Drs. Martin and Sabbagh have assembled a team of experts to help craft recommendations that should ultimately become standards that all professional caregivers adopt."


-Michael Reagan
Son of former President Ronald Reagan
President, Reagan Legacy Foundation


This book testifies that caregivers can have a monumental impact on the lives of persons with advanced dementia. Through specialized programming and a renewed effort toward patient-centered care, caregivers can profoundly enrich the quality of life for these persons. Providing guidelines for health care professionals, caregivers, and family members, this book introduces palliative care programs and protocols for the treatment of people with advanced dementia.

The book is designed to guide professional caregivers in meeting the needs of patients and their families, providing insight into the philosophy, assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation measures involved in interdisciplinary palliative care. The chapter authors offer guidelines and standards of care based on contributions from nurses, physical therapists, social workers, dietitions, psychologists, family caregivers and pastors. An exhibit at the end of every chapter clearly articulates the standards of care appropriate for all advanced dementia facilities and health care staff.

This book helps caregivers:

  • Enhance the physiological, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of the patient and the patient's family
  • Anticipate and meet the patient's basic human needs: hunger, thirst, body positioning, hygiene, continence, and management of any pain
  • Ensure that the patient's surroundings are safe, comfortable, and homelike
  • Address health care decisions that will support the patient's right to self-determination until the end of life





Acknowledgments xvii

Section I: Introduction to Professional Management of Advanced Dementia

1. Determining and Defining Advanced Dementia
2. The Continuum of Care
3. Caregiving

Section II: Protecting Dignity for the Patient with Dementia: Establishing an Environment and Caregiving Standards

4. Personhood
5. Creating the Optimal Milieu for Care
6. Managing Behavior Problems Associated with Advanced Dementia
7. Assessing and Addressing Pain
8. Ensuring the Appropriate Use of Medications in Advanced Dementia

Section III: Managing Activities of Daily Living

9. Eating and Nutrition
10. Dressing and Grooming
11. Bowel and Bladder Management
12. Ambulation and Mobility
13. Bathing

Section IV: Providing for Other HealthCare Needs

14. Activities Programming
15. Cultural Diversity
16. Healthcare Decisions for Advanced Dementia
17. The Continuum of Grief
18. Establishing Healthcare-Related Legal Options for the Vulnerable Patient


Appendix A. Professional and Caregiver Resources for Advanced Dementia

Appendix B. Cultural Resources on the Web

Appendix C. Federal Guidelines for Providing Culturally Sensitive Care

Appendix D. Cultural Heritage Assessment Form



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